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Background of Blue Halo S

Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands and the ocean makes up more than three-quarters of its territory. The fisheries sector is central to the economy, providing US$27 billion in gross domestic product and supporting seven million jobs.

Unfortunately, the majority of Indonesia’s fisheries are over-exploited or fully-exploited, and illegal fishing practices are common.


Blue Halo-S and Sustainable Fisheries Management

The Blue Halo S refers to Halo surrounding a Marine Protected Area (MPA) is marked as a fishing concession area, and the ‘S’ stands for Sustainability, System or network, food Security, Scaling up conservation, and the Indonesia concepts of Siskamling (neighborhood-based security system) and Sasi or customary user rights.

Sustainable Fishing Management seeks to designate zones of commercial fishing grounds impacted by MPAs, protected mangroves & seagrasses.


Indonesia’s Blue Economy Strategy and Quota-based Fishing Scheme

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country globally and the world’s second-largest producer of seafood. Indonesia's fisheries are of global importance. The country's waters support over 3,000 species of bony fishes and more than 850 sharks, rays, and chimeras.

Indonesia’s  commitment to restoring ocean health  and accelerating the sustainable ocean

INDONESIA S BLUE ECONOM main pillars are ecological, economic, and social factors.

Providing a credible basis for safeguarding the long-term health and resilience of the ocean, attracting investment, and creating jobs for the benefit of coastal communities and national economies.


To further boost the value of Indonesia’s fishing industry, the government plans to implement a fishery-specific management plan by 2022 known as Quota-Based Fishing

Zone 1

Areas covered: 711, Quota: 473,000 tons/annum, Estimated profit: USD 911.67 million

Zone 2

Areas covered: 716 and 717, Quota: 738,000 tons/annum, Estimated profit: USD 1.1 billion

Zone 3

Areas covered: 715 and 718, Quota: 2.2 million tons/annum, Estimated profit: USD 3.2 billion

Zone 4

Areas covered: 572 and 573, Quota: 1.4 million tons/annum, Estimated profit: USD 2.4 billion


Business Flow of the Sustainable Fisheries Management


How SpeedShop Fishery Platform Empowers


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